Digital Headend

Providing solutions for better entertainment.

Discover digital headend systems from TELEVUE and DIRECTV

TELEVUE provides digital satellite headend systems to deliver more programming options than cable, while achieving considerable cost savings and better quality entertainment for your property.

Our DIRECTV digital headends serve as the main distribution point for all of your entertainment programming, providing a seamless integration into your property’s television system. Each system is custom engineered by TeleVue to the hotel’s high definition channel requirements, Systems are tested, balanced and burned-in prior to shipping. When your system arrives it will be fully assembled and ready to install.

TELEVUE digital headend systems provide:

  • Hotel television programming for as low as $3.04 per set
  • Access to the largest selection of HD programming
  • Dynamic digital quality picture and sound
  • Turn-key solutions for your hotel guest’s entertainment
  • Flexible financing options
  • 24/7 customer support

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